Terms & Conditions

Welcome aboard Sail Sunkiss charters

Our yacht ‘Kiss’ is Registered with Maritime New Zealand and operates under a documented operational plan. This plan is kept on board and available for viewing.


Trip Details & Terms and Conditions

By booking with Sail Sunkiss Charters, you have agreed to the terms and conditions outlined here. If you have booked for a group, it is your responsibility to ensure that other people in the group are aware of the terms and conditions before they board.
If you or a member of your group have a serious medical condition that may require assistance please note this when booking and discuss with the skipper at boarding


The islands we visit are wildlife sanctuaries

Please ensure your bags, clothing and footwear are free of items that may introduce risks such as insects, plant life and animals ( lizards, mice and rats are extremely damaging)


Passengers must be present at Gate C  Pihia Marina 20 minutes prior to scheduled departure. We will meet you and welcome you on-board. Kiss will be leaving from berth C34

A pre-departure briefing will be held. Please pay attention as this covers important safety and operational aspects of the vessel.


Sunkissed Charters accept no liability or costs arising though personal injury, loss or damage to property nor do Sail Sunkiss Charters accept liability for events subsequent to the trip that may have arisen as a result of the trip

By joining a trip on Sail Sunkiss Charters (unless by prior arrangement) you have agreed that images including video taken on board by may be used for promotion of Sail Sunkiss Charters


Sail Sunkiss Charters is not permitted to provide or sell alcohol

Sail Sunkiss is licenced to serve alcohol. BYO (Bring your own) alcohol is not permitted
If in the Captains opinion a passenger wishes to join a booked trip that he believes due to alcohol places themselves and or others at risk he at his sole discretion may refuse this passenger to board. No refund will be given
If a passenger drinking alcohol during the trip shows behaviour that effects the safety and enjoyment of themselves or other passengers at the Captains sole discretion he will require this person to stop drinking immediately
Sail Sunkiss reserves the right to abandon a trip if for any reason we become concerned for passenger safety. No refunds will be provided to the party with offending passengers.


Children remain the responsibility of a parent or guardian at ALL TIMES and as such must be under continuous supervision. A maximum of 2 children (under 13) are permitted per adult . Those under the age of 16 must be accompanied by party member 20 years plus.


Please stow all gear below decks to keep it from risk of loss, damage and to ensure the yacht remains free of tripping or similar hazards

No Smoking: For health and safety, smoking is not permitted on trips, this includes e-cigarettes.

Sailing is not a sedentary activity. We require all passengers to respond to the Captains requests without delay. If at anytime during the day you or a member of your party feel uncomfortable with the action of the yacht please advise the Captain. Your comfort is our 2nd priority behind safety and we will adjust the yacht accordingly.


When using the toilets please obey all signage in the toilet. Failure to do so will block and or damage the toilet

Shoes. Should you wish to wear shoes on-board these must non marking sports shoes

Please bring Sun Screen. Please do not bring Sun Spray as it goes everywhere

At all times when you leave Kiss you will be advised of a time to be back on board. If you decide to go on a walk please keep an eye on the time. All others on board depend on a punctual timetable. Should it be necessary to come looking for passengers this time will be charged and the passengers accepts this


If you intend to swim from Kiss or the beach you must be a competent swimmer able to swim 50 meters and keep yourself afloat for at least 15 minutes in deep water without support. Swimming is not a supervised activity. Children aged 15 or under must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times


Passengers wishing to snorkel must be competent open water swimmers capable of swimming over 100 meters and keeping themselves afloat for at least 30 minutes in deep water without support. Children must be accompanied in the water by a competent adult/ guardian at all times


Dietary requirements must be brought to Sail Sunkiss attention during the booking process

Any passenger that suffers from serious allergies must provide their own food to ensure that their condition is safely managed. As we are at sea attending to medical events is a lot more difficult and time consuming to address.


Sailing Conditions

Passengers book a trip on kiss understanding they are participating in an adventure.
Sails will be used wherever possible The Captain will sail the vessel to ensure the least experienced passengers are comfortable. If this requires motor sailing/ motoring then this will occur
New Zealand law requires that the instructions of your Captain and crew be followed. If uncertain – Ask
The captain plans to cover the same minimum itinerary on each trip. Sometimes more is possible

In situations where ALL passengers are all confident and wish to experience a stronger wind through the sails then this will be provided under a controlled activity
As the vessel is reliant on the prevailing weather conditions do change. Kiss is a strong comfortable vessel capable ( and has ) of sailing the world with seating below decks in the saloon for all should we encounter rain.





Minimum Numbers
As is standard in this industry a minimum number of bookings are required in order for a trip to go ahead. In the event that adequate numbers cannot be achieved, it may be necessary to reschedule a departure to a day either side of the planned departure or a full refund of monies paid. It is VERY unusual for this to occur

Booking Confirmation
All departures are subject to minimum numbers and weather
The business reserves the right to cancel a trip due to technical or other occurrences
It is very unusual for a planned trip not to occur
To secure a reservation book on our website.
A confirmation email will be provided. This email will also share “need to know” for your day in the sun
Reservations will are also accepted by phone and confirmed by text or email once payment is received

Prices are in New Zealand Dollars and inclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax).
Credit card charges will show as Sail Sunkiss Charters on the cardholders statement
For online bookings, credit card details must be be provided, the card is charged the full rate via E-way secure payment gateway.

Cancellation Policy
For scheduled trips: Cancellations by the client will incur a 25% fee of the full ticket price. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will incur the full charge.
To cancel a trip, clients are to contact Sail Sunkiss Charters by phone and follow-up with an email.
Please note, if you don’t turn up or you are late for your scheduled trip no refund will be paid
If we cancel the trip for any reason prior to departure you will receive a full refund.

We reserve the right to cancel or amend any trip due to weather or other circumstances. A full refund will be provided if an alternative date cannot be arranged. Refunds will be provided within 5 working days