How do I find the yacht?

Each Cruise has its own departure which will be conveyed by email together with all final detail 3 days ahead of your cruise. Please arrive 15 minutes before departure for onboarding as we can not wait if you are  late. Please feel free to call me on 0292269539

Will I get wet?

Kiss is a step on step off experience. Should you transfer from the yacht to the beach in our rigid hulled inflatable you wll get wet no higher than your knees as you leave the tender at the beach

What should I bring?

Windbreaker, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, towel, swimwear, footwear if you intend to do an island walk

Do I wear shoes on the boat?

Bare feet or flat soled shoes please for safety and to protect the yachts decks

Does the boat lean over?

We sail the vessel to ensure the least confident passenger is comfortable. We put the sails away when the angle of the breeze is not conducive to comfort

Can I help sail the boat?

I welcome the opportunity to introduce those that are interested to sailing

What is the Menu

Each Experience has its own menu. Please check on these pages

Can I bring liquor on board

We are fully licensed and offer quality beers and NZ Wines by the bottle or glass. We do not allow BYO as it is difficult to manage in a safe manner. Consumption will be monitored


Will we see Dolphins?

We will see dolphins if they choose to approach us. Dolphins like people are curious …….often coming alongside  just to see “who’s on board”. It is illegal for a vessel to drop people in to swim with the Dolphins in the Bay or approach within 300 meters if there are 3 or more vessels closer

Does the yacht motor sometimes?

While we love to sail its not always possible. Sometimes not enough wind and others a little to much.
So yes we have a very sturdy engine to get you back on time

Will I get Sea Sick

We will not leave the sheltered inland side of the Bay of Islands unless it is calm so conditions will not be noticeably rough for a vessel our size. Sea Sickness is rare within the Bay of Islands

Is the trip suitable for families

The trip is great for families. Something for everyone

Is it easy to get in and out of the water

Yes, we have a boarding platform for walk on walk off access. A stainless ladder extends well below the waters surface for those choosing to swim from the vessel

Are there bathrooms on board.

Yes, bathrooms, changing rooms and fresh water showers

Will I be sitting in the sun ( it can get VERY HOT)

Seating for all can be under shade as required
……….so the choice is really yours. Feet in the water, seated in the outdoor loungers, bean bags, cockpit or below decks in the saloon


New Zealands summers are lovely. Its not uncommon however to have a rain shower pass through and more often than not these are a welcome relief from the heat.
The Captains responsibility to his crew is Safety first – then comfort. If there is a forecast for weather that will not only ruin the fun but also place passengers at risk the captain will cancel. In this situation we will work to provide a new date or refund fully.