Privacy Policy

  • We are committed to protecting your privacy and developing technology that gives you the most powerful and safe online experience.
  • Sail Sunkiss Charters will collect personal information about each Customer when the Customer registers to use Sail Sunkiss Charters and places Orders for Products.
  • Sail Sunkiss Charters will collect, retain and use such personal information for the purposes of registering the Customer as a Customer of Sunkissed Charters, undertaking dealings and transactions with the Customer, enforcing its legal rights against the Customer and sending the Customer advertising and promotional material.
  • The Customer authorises Sail Sunkiss Charters to collect personal information about the Customer from any other source available to Sail Sunkiss Charters including credit agencies, the Customer’s bank and any other suppliers of Products and services to the Customer.
  • Any personal information supplied by the Customer or obtained about the Customer by Sail Sunkiss Charters may be retained by Sail Sunkiss Charters until such time as the Customer requests that the information be removed.
  • Personal information held by Sail Sunkiss Charters may be disclosed by Sail Sunkiss Charters for the purposes of fulfilling Sail Sunkiss Charters obligations to the Customer.
  • Sail Sunkiss Charters may disclose personal information to sub contractors to Sail Sunkiss Charters charged with the responsibility of fulfilling Orders for Customers.
  • Sail Sunkiss Charters will take all reasonable steps to protect each Customer’s personal information.
  • The Customer has the right under the Privacy Act 1993 to access and request to update and or correct any personal information about the Customer held by Sail Sunkiss Charters. The Customer must pay Sail Sunkiss Charters the reasonable charges incurred by Sail Sunkiss Charters in complying with any such Customer request.